Lose Weight In 3 Weeks with “The 3 Week Diet Plan”

Is Brian Flatt’s Weight Loss Program “The 3 Week Diet Plan” Worth it?

obese women weight loss planHow important it is to stay slim and in shape? Indeed, very important! A slimmer body, or say a balance weight signifies a healthy body.

Thus, maintaining weight is important not just for an attractive body, but a healthy body too!

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It is commonly perceived that shedding the extra kilos from your weight is a difficult job! At times, people start t o believe that losing weight is nearly impossible for them, for their body does not respond to any weight loss technique. Honestly, this is where they go wrong!

While you charge yourself to drop the excess pounds from your weight, you will encounter several fad diets that promise unimaginable results! These are introduced by unknown dietitians and fitness experts whose credibility remains a question throughout! Yet, they promise to create wonders through their diet programs.

Mostly, these fad diets are no less than ‘danger’ for your body, for they only work to worst your problem! Yes, these may work for the time being; however, fad diets like these deprive your body from the essential nutrients it needs to stay healthy and active. Results are side effects and more weight gain, later!

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However, the case with the three week diet is different! Not just the diet plan helps your body get rid of the stubborn pounds effectively, but also ensures no harm is caused to your health!

The three week diet program is all about cutting 15 lbs in three weeks! Then again, through a very natural and safe approach! Introduced by Brain Flatt, the three week diet program has and has been benefitting thousands, in every corner of the world.

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The program includes:

  • The 3 week diet plan for weight lossIntroduction manual that would provide you with all the necessary information pertaining to the diet plan.
  • Diet manual, which will assist you to prepare your individual, custom-nutrition plan.
  • Workout manual that will teach you to come with your own, exercise program.
  • Motivation manual that will keep you going and encouraged throughout the course!

The article aims to cover the three week diet plan by Brain Flatt. How effective it can be with regard to weight loss and how safely it would help you get in shape!

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However, before we start to discuss all about this diet program, it is very necessary to know each and every bit about the person who has invented this diet program. So, lets start with Brain Flatt first!


  1. Brian Flatt The 3 Week Diet PlanHe is a qualified sport nutritionist and a personal trainer.
  2. It owns a training studio in Southern California.
  3. Professionally, he entered the fitness industry nearly 3 decades ago.
  4. About his qualification, Brain Flatt has studied the field Biology and is a degree holder.
  5. Besides, he loves to write and is a speaker!

So, these were some relevant information about the inventor of 3 week diet program. This assures that the diet plan has some weight for it has been prepared by a professional fitness expert and not by some unknown, so-called, diet specialist!

Now, lets more on to learn more about his 3 week diet plan!

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Download the 3 Week diet Plan for Weight Loss

Three week diet is a weight loss program for all those looking forward to annihilate their excess body fat through a safer approach. The inventor of 3 week diet has invested 12 long years in its formulation, just to come up with a plan that can actually help people lose weight, without straining their body.

The diet plan is a step by step guide that will assist you in the cutting of fat. According to Brain Flatt, it can help in torching as much as 15 to 20 lbs in only three weeks! Yes, 21 days! Saying this would not be wrong that the program is meant for the ones willing to shed fast or the ones who cannot commit to long workout sessions due to their busy lives.

The diet plan instructs you on making your personal custom-nutrition diet considering your body needs. Not just the diet, it also instructs in preparing your own exercise program. However, before you proceed on to read the plan, you are advised to pen down the measurements of your body and the total time you can dedicate for the workouts. After that, you can go on to the main manual and create your diet plan, along with your exercise program. See Miranda Lambert Weight Loss

Basically, the three week diet aims to teach you all about the ways that can help you transform the body fat into energy. By this, your body is pushed towards losing weight, while getting more and more energetic.

It puts your body into starvation mode which is one proven way to torch all the body fats that have been accumulated by it, within. The fats are not only burned through the starvation mode, however are also converted into useful energy which keeps your body going and charged.

Apart from the guides, three week diet also provides proven techniques that can help you pace a sluggish metabolism, balance hormones and torch unneeded fat way more quickly.

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23 Pounds in 21 Days!

The 3 week diet program result

If you have another question about the program then feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer it.




Brain Flatt suggests you to follow four simple steps that will assist your weight loss in as less as 3 weeks.

  1. DETOXIFICATION: Detoxification, of course, as the name says, is all about cleaning your body; particularly the liver. Remember, our body has toxins that avert the annihilation of fats. Detoxification is a process that frees your body from all the toxins, so that nothing can impede the burning of unnecessary fats. Frankly speaking, detoxifying your body is one proven way to shed pounds. According to the inventor of this diet plan, Vitamin E, D and A also helps in cleansing the liver.Not just this, these essential vitamins also improves insulin sensitivity and regulates hormones. The first week would involve taking 7 foods that provides protein to your body and 17 vegetables that would work to detoxify your liver.However, you will be provided with the list of vegetables that need to be taken. Prior switching to the next phase, you need to ensure that you follow the recommendations of this particular phase, accurately.Read Crazybulk review on Beststeroidswork

  2. FASTING FOR A DAY: After you manage to cleanse your body, the next phase would require you to fast for a day, That is, eat nothing for 24 hours! That’s right. Fasting is a proven way that provokes your body to torch all the stored fat, naturally. It helps your body get rid of the excess stored fats through a very safe mechanism.

  3. FAT FAST: After you follow the instructions of first and second phase precisely, its time to supply fat to your body! Why? Well because fats will assist the speedy torching of fat! Remember, by reaching this phase, your body will need more fats; whilst, it will regularly torch fat from your body areas like abdomen and hips. The supplying of fat to your body would continue for three days that is till, the 11th day of your diet.

  4. UNIQUE BASAL METABOLIC RATE: This last part of three week diet involves taking foods as per your own, basal metabolic rate. It would last for 10 days, that is from the 12th day of your diet to the last 21st day! However, before you start with the step, you need to determine your basal metabolic rate, so that you can decide the amount of calories that needs to be consumed accordingly.However, for all those you who do not know the procedure to determine their basal metabolic rate must need not to worry. As the diet involves precise instructions that will assists the followers to calculate their BMR accurately.

So, this was all about Three week diet plan by Brain Flatt. Now, lets move on to see who can benefit from it!

17 Pounds in 12 Days!

The 3 Week diet Plan Before After Result




That’s right! The diet can be followed by all, willing to drop the stubborn, unresponsive pounds from their weight. It ideally works for young, old, men and women. Following it all alone is enough to reach a healthy weight, without the need of weight loss supplements.

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Interestingly, even vegans can benefit from the diet. Three week diet plan would even work for the ones whose bodies have failed to respond other weight loss techniques.

However, following the diet as per the recommendations, while investing 20 minutes on exercises, 4 days a week is very important to achieve the desired results in time.

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